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Husband and wife team, John and Sheila Barbee, have put Southport, NC on the map for incredible food. The pair met here in Southport over 30 years ago while managing another once-popular restaurant from 1990-1995. The two had dreams of opening their own place so when the sweet little building on the corner of Brown and Howe Streets became available - Dry Street Pub and Pizza came to be! Now, 23 years since opening the doors "Dry Street" - as the locals call it - is a town favorite!  


With the success of Dry Street Pizza and Pub, John and Sheila sprung for a new adventure in the burger-world. "He {John} always wanted a burger joint" Sheila said and when this particular place on Moore Street became available, "At first, we said no way, it's just too small. But we got several quotes on renovation, and decided to go ahead with it." 

What's in a name?

So why the name Blue Cow Grille? In an interview with Southport Magazine's Kass Fincher, Sheila explains, "I said John, tell me why you are naming it Blue Cow. I don't know why – he just came up with that name." Their daughter designed the unique logo and now we have the "Moo on Moore Street" at Blue Cow Grille. 



The building that houses Blue Cow Grille was built in the late 19th century and was home to many different businesses throughout the years. From a pharmacy to a beauty shop and everything in between. While we are now able to enjoy the luxuries of the 21st century, many original elements remain. Sheila explains pointing to the ceiling, "That's the original ceiling – they didn't have much to it once it was exposed. They left the original paint, just sanded and sealed it."  Each guest is greeted with an incredible, handmade stained glass blue cow that hangs above the front door. The eclectic interior features orange chairs contrasted against the bright, teal colored floor. You will find hints of the “blue cow” at every turn.

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